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This new technique involves the most advanced CAD/CAM technologies, allowing extract the maximum of precision, quality and speed, in obtaining ceramic restorations.

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3D Aesthetic Dentistry


It is a concept that revolutionizes the way to make dental restorations, achieving excellence in function and physiology. It proposes to mimic the morphology of natural teeth, and can be used in several indications of oral rehabilitations.

Magic Make Up


Magic Make Up is a course for dentists and dental technicians.

In this course the participant will know the technique developed by Dr. Paulo Kano of applying pigments in monolithic ceramics machined in CAD / CAM, so that they look like natural teeth.

You will still have the opportunity to Makeup previous teeth and taste them directly in the patient's mouth in a clinical Hands-On.

3D Operative Dentistry

Learn from the practice of restoring posterior teeth using the most advanced dental technologies, such as CAD / CAM, intraoral scanning and electronic anesthesia. You will have the opportunity to attend a patient from the beginning to the cementation.

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