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Skyn Day Course / 1 Day /SKYN CONCEPT & DSD WORKFLOW

Aesthetic dentistry on anterior teeth with CAD CAM and SKYN CONCEPT 299 Euro if you pay until 25 August 2015 or 349 Euro if you pay between 26 August and 16 September 2015 or 399 Euro if you pay between 17 September 2015 and 1st October 2015 The official language for this course is English!


DSD stands for Digital Smile Design, a concept which became the visual language of dentistry. It was developed by Christian Coachman and Livio Yoshinaga and together they have trained over 75,000 dentists around the world on DSD. Paulo Kano has developed the clinical and CAD/CAM philosophy behind the idea which, combined with Livio Yoshinaga's technological knowledge, started the Skyn Concept. This course is for dentists, technicians, specialists, CAD CAM owners or not, but who are thinking to buy one, DSD practitioners or not, lab owners or not, and investors in future dentistry and students!

WHAT IS Skyn Concept and DSD Workflow course?

-theoretical and hands on course -organizes the dental practice in both technology and workflow using the most advanced concepts and trends in dentistry today -DSD & Skyn Mock-up and Skyn manufacturing -will get you all that you need to enter the digital era in dentistry


-Skyn Mock-up (the wax-up process is totally eliminated) - this involves a DSD Workflow study with photos and videos, DSD project designs and a direct mock-up on the patient - at this point it will be performed a full diagnosis and planning of the case, as well as selling by presenting for the patient through his/her emotional engagement -Skyn manufacturing process which is made through CAD/CAM - In this phase, participants will see a step-by-step live case, each of the most important moments of the process. Parallel to those selected moments, participants will perform different hands-on training working on models. In 4 days, all theory, hands-on and a live patient from A to Z, from photos and videos, through DSD project, Skyn mock-up and final cementation. -When, How and Which CAD/CAM should be invested? -Why digital dentistry? -Realities and Dreams on the Digital Workflow - What really works and what is coming up… -Eliminating the Wax-up procedure in your dental practice -How to get the best impressions both analogue and digital? -Meet the new dentist profile and lab technician, what do they need to learn? -How digital dentistry can help you to increase case acceptance and become more profitable - CAD/CAM - the 3D copy machine -Impression, Preparation and Cementation of the Digital Era - Why and what is different? -Interdisciplinary Team Approach - How to really have one through basic technology? -CAD/CAM for beginners - Learn the step-by-step of what you really need -Monolithic blocks - Which ones to use and why? -Optical Illusion - Stain, glaze and paint the natural way -DSD for Skyn - How to use it? A step-by-step hands on session -Video photo - the next paradigm shift -Before x After Mock-up Video production - a simple way to do it everyday


-Paulo Kano - our master brain behind the Skyn Concept, he will perform the live patient case and will teach the hands-on sessions as well as selected lectures about all specific topics and techniques such as impression, digital impression, preparation, optical illusion, and cementation. -Livio Yoshinaga - Will give a DSD Update, adapting the existing template to the DSD Skyn Template, he will also cover high end photography, studio photography, DSLR and iPhone video production, as well as the full DSD Workflow for a first time patient in your office. All steps are hands-on and each participant will perform the whole workflow in the digital phase (photo, video, mounting the presentation and a full DSD-Skyn project).

Two Courses in 4 days:

-October 16, 2015 – The first is a one day course (first day) and it can be attended individually, this course is designed to cover all major theoretical subjects of the course, as well as perform a live patient on stage, teaching the Skyn Mockup technique without using the conventional wax-up process. -October 16-19, 2015 - The other course lasts 4 full days, of which the last 3 days (October 17-19, 2015) will be used for a live patient, hands – on, by participants on models and special short interactive lectures. All participants will also watch over the shoulder Paulo Kano, working in small groups, as all the steps are transmitted live on TV, in high definition format.

1 Day

Friday, October 16, 2015 - Skyn Day - Design, Mock-up and Case presentation -DSD Workflow & Skyn Day - Paulo Kano and Livio Yoshinaga -Duration: 8 hours -Lecture Day -Location: Marriott, D Saloon


08:30-09:00 a.m. Registration and Coffee 09:00-10:00 a.m. Skyn Day Intro - Livio Yoshinaga 10:00-11:00 a.m. Natural Tooth Morphology - Paulo Kano 11:00-12:00 a.m. Skyn Concept - Creating nature or copying nature? - Paulo Kano 12:00-13:00 p.m. Lunch Break 13:00-14:00 p.m. DSD Workflow - Is your office ready for the Digital Dentistry Era? - Livio Yoshinaga 14:00-15:00 p.m. Live Patient - Full DSD and Skyn Design Protocol - Paulo Kano and Livio Yoshinaga 15:00-15:30 p.m. DSD Concept - The “3D Smile Box” - Livio Yoshinaga 15:30-16:00 p.m. Coffee Break 16:00-16:45 p.m. D-4 - Digital Dental Documentation in Dentistry - Livio Yoshinaga 16:45-17:30 p.m. Skyn Mock-up - Direct Skyn mock-up on Live Patient - Paulo Kano 17:30-18:00 p.m. “Selling the case” - Engaging the patient through Emotional Dentistry - Livio Yoshinaga 18:00 p.m. Conclusions - An interactive session - Paulo Kano and Livio Yoshinaga This is an approximate schedule. We may adapt the hours and lecture during the course.


If you are already using dental photography in your dental practice, it is more efficient to bring your own photo camera, and we also recommend the same thing if you have a Macintosh laptop.

Contact persons:

Cătălina Visovan,, +40755101001 or Dr. Cristina Toader,, +40758010001