• Paulo Kano Education Center
  • Paulo Kano Education Center
  • Paulo Kano Education Center
  • Paulo Kano Education Center
  • Paulo Kano Education Center

Address: Rua das Pitombeiras, 126
Parque Jabaquara, São Paulo, SP - Brasil
Zip Code: 04321-160

Phone: +55 11 50112131

WhatsApp: +55 11 976558978

For information about our courses please call +55 11 97655-8978

Para informações sobre nossos cursos, ligue para +55 11 97655-8978

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Short CV

  • Master in Implantology, Faculty of Dentistry São Leopoldo Mandic

  • Graduated by the University of Santo Amaro São Paulo, Brazil  

  • Certificated as Dental Technician - São Paulo Department of Education (São Paulo – SP – Brazil) 

  • Director of SBOD (Sociedade Brasileira de Odontologia Digital / Digital Dentistry Brazilian Society)  

  • Visiting Professor: Postgraduate School - Department of Restorative Dentistry - Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Santa Catarina, Brasil

  • Emeritus member of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry (SBOE)

  • Collaborator of the book – Odontologia Restauradora (Restaurative Denstistry) – Fundamentals and  Possibilities -  Author Prof. Baratieri

  • Co-author from the book Odontologia Estética

  • Author of the book Challenging Nature

  • Director of the Paulo Kano Education Center and Private practice in São Paulo, Brazil since 1988

  • Creator of the AST (Anatomic Shell Technique) / SKIN Concept / SKYN Concept

  • Creator and developer of the Method Cllones


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